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For sale: Santa Clarita (SoCal), $950 OBO: FS white 91 N/A, 111k, Auto->5spd convert, salvage

Hey guys -

I've been lurking for a while, but thought I'd spread the news that I've got my 7 up for sale.

It's ridiculously cheap due to the salvage title and it needs some repairs and parts replacement, but it's still a great deal.
I'm leaving LA by July 23 and need it sold by then, so I'm posting the listing everywhere. If you're interested, let me know ASAP:


$950 OBO - SoCal

Stock white exterior, black dash and carpet/gray fabric seats w/ rear storage compartments (instead of pointless no-legroom seats)

See bottom of post for photos. Album:

I bought this car in 2003, 91k miles for $3k. I'm moving to NY at the end of the month and must part with it ASAP – so take advantage of a really great deal. Like the heading says, it needs work - but nothing an amateur mechanic couldn't easily fix or replace cheap. I'm in the Santa Clarita Valley, directly north of San Fernando, and due to the breaking driveshaft I'd recommend bringing a tow.

This 7 has a salvage title due to an interior fire, which led the insurance to total it and then reupholster it. Two owners after that - one used it as a Sunday driver for over a decade and kept it in his garage, the other bought it as a surprise for his daughter and his wife made him sell it ASAP and cheap. Almost as soon as I bought it, I was accepted to college and moved into the dorms with no need for a car, so it spent over two years in covered parking, with me starting it up once a month and keeping the fluids fresh. Otherwise it's been driven in the Santa Clarita area with very little highway use, hence the extremely low mileage. It's only been in the desert, hence it's rust-free.

The body is incredibly clean. It got a paint job when I bought it, and the paint is chipping around the driver's side door and the headlights. The only surface damage is to the right side mirror - I caught the corner while backing out of my garage about three months ago. The mirror itself wasn't touched, and a quick parts replace would have it looking good as new. The rims are stock and the original silver paint is chipping off, but again, an easy fix.

Except for the hatch carpet (see below), the interior has the wear of a five-year-old car - there's a small (head of a thumbtack) hole in the passenger side seat (fabric, not leather). The dashboard shows no signs of fading. All interior lights (including the one in the glovebox) work. The ignition key also works in the glovebox and storage box locks. I've even got the original floor mats, although they're a little worn

All parts are STOCK, just the way I got them when I bought it - no annoying half-assed mod damage to undo - with the following exceptions:

- Transmission was converted from automatic to Sanford Turner's rebuilt manual and custom-built mount converter. This was done under the watchful eyes of the now-dead Santa Clarita Valley RX-7 Club (Marcus Fitzhugh, Gary and Jesse Choppe, and Derrin Griffin). Later Maz-Tech (FMC) in Santa Clarita rewired it to provide optimum power for a 5spd. This is a very rare mod, done very well.

- Lexan Moonroof - I bought it off this forum and cleanly painted the edges of the moonroof so the hardware underneath wouldn't show. It's light- no classic one-finger sunroof assist needed - and doesn't leak. I noticed a slight increase in wind noise when on the highway.

- BRAND SPANKING NEW TIRES - Yokohama Avid H4s, less than 1k miles, still under warranty.

Now the bad:

- Driveshaft has to be replaced ASAP. Maz-Tech looked at it and confirmed that all other parts are fine, but that the stock driveshaft is about to break – I haven't driven it since. For that reason, you're welcome to test drive it, but I recommend you tow it when you buy it.
- It passed CA's smog test fine when I first bought it in 2003 – after that I've had TN plates on it, so I don't know if it will pass smog now.
- Brakes and shocks need to be replaced soon.
- Driver's automatic shoulder belt is jammed on its track in the door-closed position – it still allows you to get in and out and tightens in response to quick stops.
- Driver's door only opens from the outside – the inside door handle is cracked, easy fix – and only unlocks from the inside. Also, the driver's door sensor needs to be cleaned (confirmed by Maz-Tech and a free fix, but involves taking the door off its hinges) – till then it won't recognize when the door is open.
- Headlights will only turn on when set to bright. I assume this is a fuse problem, although I haven't found the right fuse to fix it. Headlights flip up fine and all other lights, including reverse, work fine.
- The rear deck mat needs to be replaced – I had an incident with battery acid (my friend's dead battery ate through its compartment and put a nice hole in my carpet before I neutralized it with a few boxes of baking soda). Nothing under the carpet was hurt.
- One of the mufflers is missing the end pipe.
- Stock radio display is faded, and one of the dials needs to be put back on (I still have it) – light and switches work fine.
- The automatic shifter frame needs to be replaced with a manual – the automatic leaves room around the stickshift's cover, not a heat problem but not clean looking either
- The front bumper's scuff plate needs to be replaced.
- One of the storage compartments' hinges is missing a part, another easy fix.
- The pistons that open the hatch need attention – they open fine once they get started, but need help starting.
- The windshield mister doesn't work, wipers work fine (but need new blades)
- No donut…although were you really expecting one?

This 7 has been a great to me – great compression, mileage around 27 mpg (take that TII), and the parts have held up great – a truly dependable car, and I'm sad to sell it in the shape that it is.

You may have met me at Sevenstock 6 (2003) and 7 (2004). I was an active member in the SoCal 7 Club before I went back to school.

For questions or to make an offer, PM or
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