P[ussick`s] S[orrow] (pussick) wrote in rotary,
P[ussick`s] S[orrow]

Housing compatability qwestion

Hi All.

I have 88 n/a (s4) MT.
Can i use rotor housings from s5 n/a? s4 turbo? from europe version? or other?

May be with some modifications...

And another question is lapped plates (Side Housings). Repair shop tell me that one of engine they rebuild with lapped plates run about 20000km (12 500 miles) and still alive. Anyone have any expirience in this method? How long your engine runs?
Maximum roughness on my old plates now 0.1mm - is it possible to lapping?

for statistic: i have an coolant leakage caused by not tightened tension bolts :(
but... it was tightened in previous rebuild, 8 years ago, not a bad result i think :)

Thanks in advance.
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