Torvald Fnordawicz (phoenixredux) wrote in rotary,
Torvald Fnordawicz

Rule #36: The Electric RX-7 Edition

Rule #36 of the Internet states: If you can think of it, there is already a Pr0n website of it. Link is totally safe for work, unless you work at an oil company. :)

I think I need to talk to that guy. He has built the car I've been building in my head for the past week. Except that I'd also like to encorporate some regen brakes into the design.

Has anyone else here had any experience doing electric conversions? I think the FB RX7 would make an ideal platform since it's light weight, has a low drag coefficient, and still has lots of room for batteries. I know it seems like some sort of sacrilege to remove a perfectly good Rotary engine, but with crude oil prices at $140/barrel and rising, I've been using a lot of crude language at the pumps lately.

The idea of an electric RX7 is a compelling one. Think about it - 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, with no gasoline. If you thought electric cars were slow, forget it! Your biggest constraint to speed is the gear ratios of your transmission. A 40 mile range would be more than adequate for my driving needs. Fuel would cost about $0.06 per mile. With a couple of solar panels on the roof of your garage, it could be free. Right now at $4.50 a mile and 20 MPG, gas costs $0.225 per mile, and climbing. Maybe I'm crazy, too, but not giving billions of dollars to crazy people in oil regions like Saudi Arabia and Texas seems like a pretty good idea.

Other interesting links:
Electro Automotive - They sell conversion kits. It seems to be cheaper to DIY, but the kits can take a lot of guesswork out of the project, and may save you from making costly mistakes.

Anybody have any thoughts or experiences?
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