Kiwi Wannabe - NEW ZEALAND OR BUST! (luminairex) wrote in rotary,

2005 RX-8

Hello everyone.

I just bought a Mazda RX-8 a couple of days ago and I'm a complete newbie at rotary engines. On top of that, it has paddle shifters, a concept of which I'm aware of but have never had to use until now. I have a few questions that may seem dumb, but please bear with me:

1. First and foremost, I've been reading about the high rate of failure of engines on these cars. I've read that the theoretical lifetime of the Renesis engine is 500,000 miles, but three engine replacements before 50,000 has been fairly common, especially in warmer climates (I live in Phoenix - it was 110 today). I'm used to driving inline-4's with a heartfelt fondness for V8's, so low RPM's seem normal to me, yet I've been reading that the Renesis likes high RPM. How high is high? Is there a "proper" way to drive this car to keep the engine from crapping itself prematurely?

2. The car is equipped with a "semi"-automatic transmission. In automatic mode, it shifts very low (1-3000, 2-2500, 3-2000, 4-1500, 5-(unknown), 6-unknown). Assuming revs need to be higher, at what RPM should I shift for each gear?

3. The car sounds turbo'ed to me, but I've found nothing documenting this. One of my friends swears up and down the the RX8 has twin-turbos stock from the factory (I'm skeptical). I haven't actually been in the engine compartment yet, but if they exist, where would they be?

4. What sort of fuel economy should I be expecting? I've driven it maybe 40 miles since I bought it yet it seems low to me (according to the odometer I've gone 100 miles on a halftank, though it wasn't zero'ed by me).

5. Anything else I should love/hate about this car?

Thank you all for your help.

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