a_wicked7endx (a_wicked7endx) wrote in rotary,

part finding

So, i just recently got into rotary engines, due to now owning a 1985 Mazda RX-7 GS. When i got it, i soon found out that the carburater was bad. I'm also finding out that Arkansas is not the best place to get parts for this car either...lol. I ended up just saving up to get a 465 cfm 4 barrel Holley along with a Racing Beat intake manifold to replace my bad stock one. now here is the problem. The Holley i put on has only 2 main vacuum outlets....and if you've ever seen a rotary engine...you know for sure that's nowhere near enough. My dad told me to go to some parts stores and get a vacuum manifold....they all looked at me like i was retarded...they had no clue what i was talking about. I explained to them what one would look like and as i expected none of them carry it. Does anyone have any good website suggestions on finding a vacuum manifold not meant for a turbo, cuz all the ones i've found so far are meant for aftermarket turbo's.
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