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'91 fc coupe - proud owner saying hi

hi all,

i never thought to search for rotary communities here on lj. and it looks like there may be at least one other female 7 owner here?? i can't believe it. ;P

i'm username alanna at the forum, where i get all my juicy 7 information, troubleshooting, and all-around goodness.

i went to two sevenstocks - the ones in '04 and in '03, i believe. now i'm in college and less inclined to have the free time (or garage) to play with my baby. actually, it's been an especially bad day for both of us - i'm trying to drive it from memphis back to los angeles - it breezed through the drive to memphis without giving me a bit of trouble, but now that i'm prepping it for the drive back, the alternator suddenly starts dying. great. and since there's DEFINITELY no garage for me here, i'm having to take it to rx-7 heaven, which seems like a nice place but i'll actually have to pay for labor. damn.

there's a more detailed bitchfest explanation of the alternator crappage and its repercussions here, in my lil' journal.

nice to meet you all. tell me a little about yo'self.
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